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PAL Winnipeg – Community Consultation

palPAL Winnipeg is a not-for-profit corporation and charity dedicated to establishing affordable housing for those people who are engaged or were engaged in the performing arts community of Winnipeg.

PAL Winnipeg has been working with the Gas Station Art Centre and the Old Grace Hospital Housing Co-op to redevelop the River Avenue & Osborne Street site into a multi-faceted project that includes a theatre, commercial space and a housing component.

This is an opportunity for PAL Winnipeg to establish affordable multi-age housing for those who need it in the performing and broader arts community.  However, we need input from those members of the community who might like to live in this PAL development and location and / or have an interest in its establishment.  To that end we invite you to attend a community consultation Meeting at the Gas Station Art Centre, 445 River Avenue at Osborne St, on Wednesday, May 21st at 5:30 pm. Representatives of PAL Winnipeg will be available to discuss the preliminary housing plans.

The President of PAL Winnipeg, Rea Kavanagh, will give an overview of the Performing Arts Lodges of Canada, the realities of establishing a PAL residence in Winnipeg and an outline of this development. We are anticipating the co-op housing model, and we will explain how that works.  We will have an artistic rendering of the building and proposed suite layouts to consider and what affordable rents would look like.  And though construction may not commence immediately we will be establishing a list of possible residents for that time when the building opens its doors.  It will be your opportunity to place your name on that list.

We need your help to move forward on this important project.  By participating in this consultation meeting you will help us in determining the following:

  • The number of one, two and three bedroom suites,The kind of in-suite amenities – laundry, dishwasher, etc,
  • The kind of common amenities – laundry, common spaces, outdoor space, etc,
  • The need for rent subsidies,
  • The level of disabled accessibility in-suite,
  • The age of potential residents (55+ or younger),
  • Other factors important to potential residents.

We need to make some of these decisions very soon in order to move this project along.  We look forward to your input.
A vibrant community like Winnipeg is not just cultural activities such as art, music, film, theatre and dance; it is also the members of the community who dedicate their lives to creating this culture. Performing Arts Lodge of Winnipeg is dedicated to providing members of this community with affordable housing so they can continue to be highly productive contributors to the vibrancy of our neighbourhoods for years to come. It is the arts community “taking care of our own.”

See you soon.

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