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PAL Winnipeg is dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing, with support and creative opportunities, for seniors, disabled and low-income artists, non-profit arts professionals, cultural-industry professionals and arts supporters.

Particularly, PAL supports ageing artists to allow them to stay engaged in and connected to the arts community.

Applicants do not have to meet all the criteria in order to be considered an artist, non-profit arts professional, cultural industry professional or arts supporter. However, the membership committee will use the criteria as a guide with which to make the determination of eligibility.

Criteria to qualify as an artist

PAL defines professional artists as those who:

• Have specialized training in their field (not necessarily at academic institutions).
• Are recognized by their peers (artists working in the same artistic tradition).
• Have a commitment to devoting more time to artistic activity if financially feasible.
• Make their livings as artists or have spent more time at their art than at any other occupation.

Criteria to qualify as a non-profit arts professional and cultural industry professional

These are individuals who have been employed on a full- or part-time basis for a minimum of two years by registered non-profit arts organizations or cultural-industry organizations and whose careers have demonstrated a commitment to arts and culture.

Criteria to qualify as an arts supporter

PAL defines arts supporters as individuals who have demonstrated long-term commitment to supporting the arts and cultural sector as volunteers, donors, patrons or collectors.

PAL Housing Criteria

You qualify for PAL housing if you are a PAL member and support its mandate.

Priority will be given to the following:

• Seniors (55+).
• Persons with disabilities.
• Those with the greatest need based on household income.
• Those separated from family supports.

Please note:

• Household size must be either one or two adults, at least one of whom is a PAL member.
• All residents must be capable of independent living.