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By joining PAL CANADA you are:

Helping to ensure that current, and future disadvantaged professional artists are adequately supported in the area of affordable housing.

“One night, after I’d fallen to my knees in a sobbing heap, I prayed for help. I cried myself to sleep and awoke at 8 in the morning to the phone ringing. It was Kenny Wickes. After I said hello, he said, ‘Valerie, do you need an apartment at PAL? Do you need help?’”

“I moved into PAL the next month and I have been grateful ever since. It has given me and several other residents a sense of security and belonging. PAL promotes a sense of family and bonding – it embodies the true sense of the word ‘community.’”

Such stories are typical – yet it is not only the residents themselves who benefit from the existence of such facilities. Enabling and encouraging those who live there to engage anew with their professions, Performing Arts Lodges also provide new centres of creativity in our cities, adding in their own way to our cultural mosaic.

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