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Why Your Donation is Important

Support of PAL Winnipeg can be given in many ways, including donations of cash, securities, or gifts in kind – or in the equally precious form of offering your services as a volunteer.

By supporting PAL, you make a direct and vital difference to the health and well-being of individual men and women who would otherwise face bleak futures, enabling those who have spent their careers bringing delight, joy, and illumination into the lives of others to live out the latter part of their own lives with dignity and grace.

You also contribute to the strengthening of cultural connections across our country – for a nation is bound together not only by its constitution, its laws, and its social values, but also by the stories it tells, the songs it sings, the cultural icons its people share and hold dear. The oldest members of the PAL community alive today include some of the pioneers who helped form our nation’s artistic landscape. They are a living archive of our culture.

By helping them, you help preserve a legacy, an artistic tradition, that will be passed on to future generations of Canadian performing artists and their audiences. At the same time, you encourage younger artists to remain in Canada, knowing that some provision is being made for when they are no longer in their prime.

And you too, become a pioneer. By adopting an innovative approach to providing for the elderly, the ill and the disabled, PAL has created a template for assisted living and community support that can be adopted by other organizations beyond the realm of the performing arts. As the Senior Artists Research Project puts it:

“In our rapidly transforming economy, permanent full time employment is increasingly changing to more flexible and mobile working conditions that afford workers less old-age security than before. As the boomers become zoomers, the number of seniors in our society will soon swell to its highest point in history. The senior artist may in fact serve as a model for other sectors of the labour force that will face similar circumstances and
obstacles in the future.”

PAL offers you, as a donor, the opportunity to share a national vision while at the same time extending your philanthropic reach into local communities at the grass-roots level.

And because PAL is a relatively small organization, every gift has a significant impact.

By helping provide for those who have made the courageous decision to pursue a career in the performing arts, a field in which economic hardship is almost a certainty and destitution in old age a very real risk, you help create the conditions in which the creative spirit – so vital to the soul of a nation – can flourish and grow, to the benefit and enrichment of us all..


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